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Planets Size of Earth May Support Life
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 15:20

Planets that are about the size of Earth may be able to support life, even being 10 times farther from stars like the sun, according to some astronomers. This is contrary to the old-fashioned “Goldilocks” idea of which planets could sustain life that is popularly believed. That theory, holding that the ones that are not too hot and not too cold, fails to take into account the idea that liquid water can be present very deep under the surface. It has never taken into account the life which could be dwelling beneath a planet’s exterior.

A research team at the University of Aberdeen, which included scientists from the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland, stated that rocky cold planets, formerly believed uninhabitable, might be able to support some kind of life below their surface. The team conducted computer modeling, which proposed that the possible habitable region for an Earth-sized planet might be as much as nearly 15 times larger than was previously believed. They were able to provide estimations of temperature under the surface of planets of a certain size when at a specified distance from their host stars.

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