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Self-correcting crystal may lead to the next generation of advanced communications
Thursday, 07 November 2013 17:13

A five-year, multidisciplinary collaborative research effort based at Cornell has resulted in the world’s best material for tunable capacitors — broadly called a tunable dielectric, a special insulator whose ability to store electrical charge changes when a voltage is applied.

“This is a radically different material compared to what people have been using for decades,” said Darrell Schlom, the Herbert Fisk Johnson Professor of Industrial Chemistry at Cornell, who led the international team.

“What we have discovered is the world’s lowest-loss tunable dielectric.” (“Loss” refers to wasted energy, which drains cell phone batteries.)

The Cornell-designed-and-created new type of tunable dielectric could greatly improve the performance of microwave circuit capacitors found in every cell phone and open up new possibilities for wireless communication at much higher frequencies.

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