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GCHQ – It’s no Bletchley Park PDF Print E-mail
Written by nuncio   
Sunday, 23 June 2013 11:23

The Empire’s at it again, in fact it never let up: controlling, spooking, spying, manipulating, fiddling about, fiddling about, fiddling about.

Documents provided to The Guardian newspaper by ex-CIA analyst Edward Snowden reveal the extent to which GCHQ – the Big Brother apparatus of this particular empire – likes nothing better than raking our bins down to almost-unimaginable depths. Except, of course, that they claim that they don’t usually get their hands dirty opening the bags – they just collect them up and put them aside for 30 days, for safekeeping you understand.

There have been times in the past when intelligence-gathering was turned against genuine enemies. Now, it seems, we the citizens (actually subjects within the British state) are the prime targets of the snoopers. And, once ‘sifted’, our information gets shared with our friends the NSA in the US of A.

‘The Five Eyes’ eavesdropping alliance, in which Canada, Australia and New Zealand are also involved, is there to protect us, right? But from who and from what? There are certainly some deranged people in the world with deranged ideologies – the parasitised fools who have been turned into weapons by their deranged masters – but they are mercifully few in number. Please try to take this on board: You are not under threat.

During World War II, Bletchley Park was set up and staffed with bona fide geniuses, such as Alan Turing, tasked with unscrambling the encrypted transmissions of Nazi Germany. This was vital work; without this information the Allies would have been in the dark about some of Germany’s most dastardly plans (including their progress on building their own atom bomb), and they may, as a result, have lost the war, plunging us into an era of fascist-administered hell on earth. I’m always wary of using the term ‘hero’, but it would be fair to say that the efforts of the smart people at Bletchley Park can be viewed as heroic.

Now compare and contrast, if you will, that important work with what goes on at GCHQ and its like: fibre-taps to intercept and get access to the contents of innocent everyday Facebook messages, emails, phone calls. The work of these people is of extremely limited security value, and of no moral value whatsoever. And at least the poor drones in 1984 knew that Big Brother was watching them, whereas we only get to find out because one of the precious few people involved who actually has some morals decides to (spectacularly) blurt. As a result of his fortitude, Snowden may well end up spending the rest of his life in jail.

Yes, I’m an optimist, but I still think that most people, deep down, know the difference between right and wrong. And what GCHQ does is just plain wrong – try to squirm your way round it however you want, but you’re not getting off that hook. We do not need these people – they are afraid of us, because, hell, we do unpredictable things. Their fear of us makes them push ever further into our lives and minds, trying to predict what we will do next. That suspicious, fearful perspective makes them dangerous, and utterly inimical to the best interests of free societies.

This problem will not go away. We cannot ignore it. If we continue to let our personal avatars (yes, emails and phone calls can be considered part of your distributed self) be debased in this way, it won’t be long before the debasers are knocking on your door, looking to get into your mind by a much more brutally-direct route.

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