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Alan Johnson on cannabis PDF Print E-mail
Written by nuncio   
Monday, 09 November 2009 12:25

Somebody should explain endocannabinoids to UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson. Your brain is on cannabis Mr Johnson - everybody's is. Your brain is a drug-squirting machine. Perhaps you should have taken a good drag of THC from an external source before sacking Professor David Nutt in a fit of ill-educated pique. It might have calmed you down a little.

This issue is, of course, much larger. There is a scientific process which politicians simply don't seem to understand. The scientific evidence about the relative dangers of commonplace drugs is not a matter of political opinion - there are well-established factual studies which cannot be buried just because politicians do not like people who take proscribed drugs. Professor Nutt could not, in all conscience as a scientist, do other than point out these facts.

The easy availability of proper, detailed, scientific information should, I hope, make it increasingly difficult for politicians to hide the truth in a miasma of spin. But we need to make use of that information and hold them to account. Mr Johnson is starting to discover that the public is not quite as acquiescent, ill-informed and gullible as he thought.

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