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Political Claims and Cognitive Democracy PDF Print E-mail
Written by nuncio   
Saturday, 24 April 2010 10:04

While it's satisfying to see Ben Goldacre's article today discussing the application of science to test the validity of claims made by politicians, what I would really like to see is the testing of the personal validity of individual politicians.

It's a huge deal when another human being claims that they will "represent" you and make decisions on your behalf. These decisions are life and death. We get landed with far too many iniquitous scumbags, engaged in state-sanctioned profiteering and warmongering. It really shouldn't be that difficult to guard against the rise of political opportunists at the extreme end of this motley scale.

I have argued previously in the Extravolution Blog ("Cognitive Democracy") that what we need is proper psychological evaluation of political candidates. I would now add to the comment contained there that having any form of religious/superstitious/paranormal beliefs should immediately disbar any prospective candidate from standing.

Offer to "represent" me by all means, but first prove that your brain is working properly.

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  1. I agree, but... Who's going to do the evaluations (or design the tests), and how do we stop political bias from creeping into that process? Can't be done. Sorry...
    NO! WAIT! I've got the answer! Why don't we let the candidates give speeches and debate each other, then make our own decision about the sanity of the candidate by casting our votes? Or is that just as crazy?
  2. I disagree. We do not currently have an objective way to evaluate the candidates. Even with an objective test, you must first define what is "normal" brain activity. Good luck there.

    I believe you are looking for an answer in the wrong place. Look to the pools from which our candidates our generated. Both political parties are havens for biased behavior and disregard for rational thought. The real solution is to implement a dynamic representative democracy.

    Instead of choosing from one or two candidates to represent you, you can choose from anyone. You transfer your vote power to them because you know them and trust them. They transfer their vote power to those they know and trust, and so forth. In this way candidates emerge organically through the network of trust.

    These are the solutions we need. Fundamental changes to our democracy. The current form of representative government is not designed for the 21st century.

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