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What's it all about? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Iain   
Thursday, 29 January 2009 15:41

Greetings, and hopefully you've enjoyed what you've seen of our site so far.

Futurehead was launched quietly a couple of weeks ago, so we're obviously still in the process of generating interest (and, of course, traffic!), and indeed the process of building the site itself is really an ongoing one. However it struck me that so far it's all been a little anonymous, so allow me to explain...

Our main purpose will be to gather and publish interesting news stories from around the web dealing with new and future scientific and technological developments. Such articles will have to excite us and, hopefully, in turn they will excite you. This will be the main purpose of the home page, however you may have noticed we also have a Newsfeeds section. Here we've got a range of feeds from a variety of sources. Be sure to check this page often as anything cool that we've missed will likely appear somewhere in here.

In case you're wondering (aren't we always), the Extravolution Blog is not my responsibility, but rather that of my co-collaborator on this project. He chooses to remain anonymous at this time, but he's nonetheless quite the sage (probably) when it comes to all things futurist, so it's a blog well worth subscribing to.

As to this section, it's intended to have occasional pieces either by myself or a number of other collaborators. A blog of sorts, but more of a group effort.

So what am I doing? Well, my main involvement in this project has been to build the website you're currently staring at. Whilst I do have a very strong interest in the subject matter, I was spurred on to do this by my re-awakened interest in web-design, something which I'd previously abandoned many moons ago. Hopefully you'll agree the results are pretty decent, although if you really do have any gripes (or merely suggestions) you can of course contact us.

Cheers for now.

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