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Check this page every month for some stimulating lectures and conversations from the leading scientific minds. We'll only be posting items that we have actually viewed or listened to ourselves, so we hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

Music for Neuroscience by McGill
Wednesday, 23 November 2011 00:00

'Neurone' by McGill on YouTube. A neuroscience-inspired dance track.


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Making sense of a visible quantum object
Monday, 20 June 2011 12:10

Can an object that is visible to the naked eye be in two places at the same time? Common sense and experience told us that the answer is "no" -- until recently. In this presentation, physicist Aaron O'Connell tells us a little about the bizarre rules of quantum mechanics, which were thought to be completely different for human-scale objects -- but are they really? In a breakthrough experiment, Dr O'Connell blurs that distinction by creating an object that is visible to the unaided eye, but provably in two places at the same time. In this talk, he suggests an intriguing way of thinking about the result.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson - Are we alone in the universe?
Wednesday, 25 May 2011 11:53

Dr Tyson explains one of his "disturbing thoughts" that might keep his audience awake at night: are we alone in the universe?

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Anders Ynnerman: Visualizing the medical data explosion
Friday, 28 January 2011 00:00

Today medical scans produce thousands of images and terabytes of data for a single patient in mere seconds, but how do doctors parse this information and determine what's useful? At TEDxGöteborg, scientific visualization expert Anders Ynnerman shows us sophisticated new tools -- like virtual autopsies -- for analyzing this myriad data, and a glimpse at some sci-fi-sounding medical technologies in development. This talk contains some graphic medical imagery.

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Prof. Brian Cox on Carpool
Wednesday, 15 December 2010 16:39

Carpool is a web series created and presented by actor and comedian Robert Llewellyn, best known for his role as Kryten in the sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf, and as presenter of Scrapheap Challenge. In each episode he interviews a guest while giving them a lift in an eco-friendly car (normally a Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicle).

In this episode Professor Brian Cox gets a ride to the park, talking about his work at CERN, the speed of light, his role in the Blair administration and his new baby George.

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